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Artist Statement

In art school, I loved both painting and photography. As an avid traveler, photography became my medium of choice and then my career. My favorite thing to do for pleasure is to look at paintings- I'm a huge fan of Botticelli, The Pre-Raphaelites and the Impressionists. They don't know me by name at The Metropolitan Museum of Art but they might eventually! 

Over the years, I continued painting for pleasure and was compelled to embellish my photographs. I experimented with alternative processes and collage to make one of a kind pieces of art. I also shot on film with antique and plastic cameras and with medium format rangefinders. Eventually, I started painting and drawing on transparent film and combining the layers with negatives to create photographs that look like paintings. I also use digital watercolor brushes in Photoshop to do the same. 

The images on my site are a mix of both- traditional photographs and these 'painted' images. Whichever image style, you can use the magnification tool on the product pages to see the beautiful details close up. 

Whatever I shoot, my style is warm, romantic, engaging and accessible. I hope you have the feeling of being in the gondola, looking at the view, smelling the peony or eating the slice of cake. 

If you have more questions please email me at I'd love to hear from you!