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A friend encouraged me to shoot from his rooftop and wow, was he right! This wonderful mix of elements was catnip to my eye with a tenement building, a fire escape, a water tower, a glimpse of Times Square & the ultramodern New York Times building peaking from the distance. The watercolor sky and complimentary color scheme help to simplify the composition. I'm so proud of this new art & think they will look great alone or as a set in any interior!

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Checker Cab, Hell's Kitchen

This wonderful 1950s cab can be seen, if you're lucky, in New York City. It is usually on it's way to a wedding or being used in filmmaking.

I had been hoping to shoot it for at least 5 years. Occasionally I would see it- moving too fast, too far away or in bad weather. One day a few months ago I was waiting for a friend's arrival. I looked out my window & the cab was sitting right there with the engine running! In a panic, I grabbed my camera, sprinted outside in my slippers, scaring the dog and knocking down curtains. I got a few quick shots before it drove away!

Patience and luck paid off- it feels like a scene from old time New York. I used my hand painting technique to create graffiti and blue tones to make the buildings recede. This piece is one of my favorites and has become one of my biggest sellers.

Available in print and canvas.

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Prickly Pear Cactus

Last spring I was incredibly lucky to shoot in Joshua Tree National Park at the height of the spring bloom. I love how the cactus looks both dangerous and also like the softest velvet. My client chose other images, so this one is just for you!

See more cacti in my Neutral Tones Collection.

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